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Why an Awards Program?
Web awards are the best way to seek an objective opinion about your web site from other webmasters and play an important role in encouraging well designed sites with meaningful content.  My web awards recognize the time and effort, the skill, knowledge, talents and dedication of all web masters and  hopefully will encourage the continuation of creative sites. I strive to judge all sites in an objective way without any pre-conceived prejudices about the content.
Who Can Apply?
Your site does not have to have a military theme to win the Gold, Silver & Bronze awards. All categories of sites (apart from the sites listed below) can apply. Commercial sites are welcome but must have some intellectual content and be more than an advertisement..........................and
your site must have an 'awards' page.


All applications should be submitted by the site's webmaster or owner. 
You must be 18 years old or over to apply.
There are four awards. Per Ardua Gold, Silver and Bronze and a Military Site Excellence Award.
I do not accept web sites containing  pornography,  racism, animal abuse, illegal sales ads, terrorist groups or drug related etc, or direct links to this kind of information. Sites must be family-friendly and child-safe. If you do not consider your site family-friendly or child-safe then do not apply

In addition your website will not be considered for an award if it contains any of the following:
Under construction signs
Copyrighted material (unless credits and source are given).
Graphics or photographs only sites, banner sites or links only sites
Sites which ask for contributions to pay towards the web hosting unless it is a charitable site and/or tries to raise money in other ways.
Sites which contain less than ten pages. Guest books, forums and message boards, links pages and awards pages are not counted as content.
Sites which have in their content or allow on their message boards or forums any insulting or discourteous opinions  about HM Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Family, The British Forces, the President of the United States and the US Armed Forces.


You may disagree with my criteria, scoring or how I determine winning sites or award categories. However you are not under any obligation to apply. If you do not appreciate my awards, please do not apply.

Privacy Statement
Information submitted through the application process will only be used for the purpose of evaluating your website for an award. By applying, you are granting me the permission to display a link to your website, the name of your website, and brief description of your website on the 'Winner's page'. This is the only information provided during the application process that will be displayed publicly. Your e-mail address will not be given or sold to any other person or organization for any reason.

The contents of this web site are copyright. Some of the images used on this site are owned by and are the copyright of third parties. They are reproduced here with permission of their respective owners. You may view the site and download any part of it for personal viewing for private purposes but you are not permitted without my permission to reproduce or place on a web site, copy or transmit it (or any part of it) in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium. You are not entitled to alter the content in any way. You are not entitled to make use any images on this web site without making it clear to users that the image is copyright of Jason French or a third party as outlined above. If you are in doubt, ask! I will probably say yes. All my graphics are watermarked and can be traced.  Many RAF crests are in the public domain others are Crown copyright. To my knowledge any crest found on this site is in the public domain. The Per Ardua 'background' and Logo is copyrighted and may not be used on any other web site Please go to Criteria before applying


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