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All websites under review start with 100 points.

Points will be deducted as set against the criteria.

Minimum Points Total Required for each 
Excellence 95
Gold   90
Silver  80
Bronze 65

All sites will be reviewed within 3 to 5 days.

Sites are viewed via IE,Opera and Mozilla browsers
There are four awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Military Site Excellence

All winners will receive a confirmation letter & graphic via e-mail, along with the right 
to use the graphic on the winning website only

A winners list will be published.

Please inform me when you have placed the award graphic on your site and the 
page it is on so I can see it in situ. I will then add you site to the winners list. 

A link back to this site is not required but would be nice and would allow others to 
apply for my awards if they wish, and read the winners site reviews.

You will  be informed if you do not win an award. You may re-apply after 3 months

Good Luck!