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Your site must be interesting which will make visitors want to look further into your 
site and return.

It should have original content and and some creativity of design. The design should 
reflect part of what you and your site are all about.

If you use graphics or photographs from others, then you must give credit where 
credit is due.

Your text should not stretch across the whole page

Your pages should not all be centered or mix more than two alignments

Your design should have consistency in background, graphics, menus, navigation 
symbols and layout. The design does not have to be too complicated. Just effective.

Text should be easy to read. I should be able to see your text clearly. If you use 
light-colour fonts on a light background, dark-colour fonts on a dark background or 
use a heavily pattered background I will not be able to see the text clearly.

Your site must be easy to navigate and the browser 'back' button should not be part 
of your navigation system. If your site uses a Java menu then it must work or an alternative method of navigation given.

The loading time of a site should be under two minutes when using a 56k 

If you use scripts they should not cause my browser to crash.

Do not have more than two broken internal links.

Site should not be full of unrelated useless animated graphics or banners that slow down the 
loading time. Make sure your graphics are necessary.

Background music must not loop and/or have a turn off option.

Your site must contain 10 pages (or more) of content. Forums, Guest Books or 
Message Boards do not count as pages!

You must not use animated gifs, java, flash and page transitions excessively.

Your site should show some artistic ability and sense of design with consistent 
alignment and page continuity.

Key images must have alt tags.

Do not have too many 'typos' or more than two missing graphics

Do not tell me which screen resolution to use or how to set my browser. I like my 
settings just fine as they are.

Nor do I like being told which browser or browser version to use.

Do not make me scroll sideways.

All pages of your site must be accessible.

Right click option must not be disabled

I do not deduct points for script or HTML errors, and I recognize that pop ups are 
part and parcel of the web and you will not be penalized should they appear.

Sites which display the - 'WOW' - factor in design concept and/or content will be awarded
5 bonus points. 

Military sites which display Pride, Commitment, Patriotism and Honour will be awarded 5 bonus points. 

My awards are not 'given' away!