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Below are some of the airmen of all ranks I served with during my nine years in the RAF. I have given as much info about each person as I can remember. Subsequent pages contain photos of airmen who I remember vividly but can attach no name.

SAC Cyril Fletcher. 3 LAA Wing.1958-60. Ex RAF Regiment Police. From Nottingham. Emigrated to Australia mid 60s after demob.

LAC Hans Adair. 5 LAA Wing. RAF Nicosia. 1962. From Glasgow. Tough Guy. 

Cpl Sam Tate. C&R Flt. 3 LAA Wing. RAF Akrotiri. 1958.  My OP commander. A gentleman.

SAC 'Curly' Gates. RAF airman 9 a clerk I think) attached to 3 LAA Wing in 1964. Eventually remusterd to the Regiment. Last saw him at Kandoo. One of the best. 

LAC Ralph?  From Liverpool. Also known as 'F*ckem'  5 LAA Wing. RAF Nicosia. 1962

Cpl Harry Young (Known as Black Harry) A gentleman among thieves. Be friended me and a couple of other raw recruits during the EOKA trouble. Always inviting single airmen to his house in Limassol for tea with him and his wife. A great man. 1958-60

Warrant Officer Danny Gourd  " Mr Regiment". Served with him on 3 LAA Wing  HQ RAF Nicosia & Akrotiri. 1964-66 then at RAF Catterick. Station HQ. on Training Wing 1965-66. No words are needed to describe this great, great man.

Flt Lt. Anderson. 26 Sqn Cmdr. 5 LAA Wing RAF Nicosia. 1962-63. I was his signaller and babysat a few times for him and his wife. Recently retired as an Air Commodore.

Sgt 'Rocky' Dyke. 5  LAA Wing. 1962 One of the worst.

SAC Graham Garvey. Best mate along with Roly Watts. The three of us lived in Limassol and were on 3 Wing HQ together 1964-65.

Sgt Charlie Mitten. 37 Sqn. 3 LAA Wing. Cyprus 1958. One of the best.

SAC 'Geordie' Magee. From Burnopfield I think. Best mate on C& R Flt in1958. Soft as clarts.
SAC Rocky Burdon. 28 Sqn. 5 LAA Wing RAF Nicosia.1962. My mate. Joined up with him. Did basic at Catterick with him his last 3 was 043, tow away from mine. 

SAC Bamforth. 5 LAA Wing RAF Nicosia.1962. Also RAF Mountain Rescue Team.
SAC Keith Marley. Best mate and SCUBA diving partner. We were in the MEROUS together and lived near each other in the Ormaphita district of Nicosia. 1962-4 Tough, plain speaking Yorkshireman. SAC Rick Chester.5 LAA Wing RAF Nicosia.1962.Also RAF Mountain Rescue Team. Solid type.
Cpl Vic Houghton.5 LAA Wing RAF Nicosia.1962. Another nice guy. SAC Graves. C&R Flt 3 Wing. 1958. What a cheerful chappie he was. Not known to smile....ever!

LAC 'Larry' Cursetjee. 3 LAA Wing. RAF Akrotiri 1958

SAC Ted Elgie. C&R Flt. 3 LAA Wing. RAF Akrotiri.1958. Driver

LAC  Dwyer. National Serviceman. Driver. C&R Flt. 3 LAA Wing. RAF Akrotiri 1958

F/S Pengelly. 5LAA Wing. RAF Nicosia.1963. Nasty and the squadron drunk.
Cpl 'Jock' Mc Cord. 3 Wing C&R Flt. 1958. Winco's driver. One of the lads and a good JNCO.

Cpl Jones. C&R Flt 3 Wing 1958. A Geordie  from Jarrow. Top NCO!
Sgt Mc Watt. C&R Flt 1959. NCO for a while. Went to 2 Para.  Not liked by anyone at all.

Wing Commander Roberts. MBE. MM. Known as 'Daddy Roberts'  Greatly admired  and respected by all ranks who served under him. Brave and a superlative officer. I served with him five times

Cpl Howard.C&R Flt. 3 LAA Wing. RAF Akrotiri. 1958.He looked like a Greek Adonis. A bit vain, but OK. Got me promoted to SAC one week after promotion to LAC for maintaining RT (TCS13) contact with main camp Akrotiri under difficult conditions whilst on detachment to Paphos