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75 (NZ)

Flt Lt Philip McElligott (Paddy or Mac)

RAF Aircrew 
June 1943 - joined up at Belfast.  Underwent aircrew training and received air-gunnerís brevet, serving with 75(NZ) Squadron as a tail gunner in Lancasters. 31 operations over enemy territory, excluding training missions.  See photos RAF1(standing left at rear in full flight kit, 11Op Training Unit 1944) and RAF2 (3rd from left at rear holding gun barrel, 7 NZ sqdn, 1944 ) 

RAF Regiment: 1946-1966

Jan 1946:  accepted for RAF Regiment officer training

July 1946:  Posted to 2908 Sqdn RAF Lydda (Lod) Palestine, later to 2884 Sqdn at Ein Shemer (see photo DPMcE, taken Egypt 1946)

Feb 1947:  Posted to Egypt, Suez Canal Zone at Kasfareet/Shallufa

June 1947:  Posted to Malaya (Burma and Malaya Levies, subsequently named RAF Regiment 
Malaya), 91 Rifle Sqdn 

Dec 1948: Posted to RAF Aldergrove Northern Ireland

April 1950: Posted to Malaya (95 Sqdn) RAF Tengah, and later RAF Changi (See Jungle 1 photo, on right with local tracker, and jungle 2 photo, on patrol, and photo 3, bringing in dead terrorist) (see also photo Donal4 taken 1952 in Malaya)

July 1953: Posted to HQ Coastal Command, RAF Northwood (see Rooney charicature)

Jan 1955: Posted to Aden, 2 Wing Aden Protectorate Levies: see photo of Regiment base Attaq

March 1957:  Posted RAF Stradishall (UK)

Oct 1958: Instructor, RAF Officer Cadet Training School, RAF South Cerney

Oct 1961: 34 Sqdn, 3 Wing RAF Akrotiri Cyprus (also RAF Reg Parachute team - see para1 photo, preparing for dawn jump)

May 1964: RAF Marham (UK)

July 1965: 26 LAA Sqdn RAF Changi (also Parachute team -See Singapara1966 photo)

Dec 1966: retired

Currently living in Canberra, Australia.

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