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Royal Navy Sept 1939. Out in May 1940. Colour vision defective. Went to Uxbridge in June to join the RAF Air Sea Rescue. No. Same reason. OK Aircrew? No. Same reason. 
I was then asked if I knew about guns. Yes. You’re in. Ground Defence. No 933587. 
Blackpool 2 weeks for basic training. July Mildenhall (ACHIGD/GG) AC2. Then to Newmarket Racecourse now an Airfield. 725 (D) Sqn. Promoted Cpl in Dec 1940 
Previous experience see!!! Sqdn split in 2. I went with my half to Stradishall Mar 1941, joined up with those already there, and then became 2725 Sqn in Aug 1941. 
We then all became GUNNERS not GD. (Hurrah). Of course the Regt was formed in 42 and we changed our number to 2868 Sqn. We then became 2794 Sqn in Oct 42. Promoted to Sgt in Dec 42 and then F/Sgt in June 43. In May 44 I was posted to 2814 Sqn and we went to Germany in Feb/Mar 45. From Jan 46 to Feb 46 I was doing nothing except waiting for my discharge. Discharged in Apr 46 and was on the reserve until June 59. 
Courses: Smith GunI2 Gun at Filey/ Ack Ack in Oakhani. Commando in Inverary (twice) Bofor alone first then again with Sqn!  7SniIm Field Gun! Mines & Booby traps